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Real time information is a click away with BWT e-reports.
Our customers enjoy the ability to access important data related to their
warehousing (WMS) and transportation (TMS) activity. E-report information can
be used to:
   •   Improve inventory management
   •   Better control costs
   •   Speed decision making
   •   Enhance customer service

Virtually any report can be requested and made available through our password protected web portal. Standard reports include:
   •   On-hand Inventory
   •   Product Activity
   •   SKU Summary
   •   Orders - open and shipped
   •   Receipts - open and closed

BWT utilizes software from Coreflex, a leader in business intelligence technology, to provide a point and click tool for accessing customer information. This powerful software allows customers to:
   •   Customize reports to meet individual needs
   •   Export reports in a variety of formats
   •   E-mail reports directly to anyone in your online address book
   •   Schedule reports to run automatically and deliver to your e-mail inbox

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