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As a Certified Logistics customer you will be able to utilize our order desk capabilities. Allowing your staff and your customers to directly place their orders with us, by-passing other time consuming steps. Our inventory control and shipping system allows us to accept orders from customers and process them via EDI. Should there be a need we are able to carry out your credit check and invoicing requirements.

RF bar-coding

We’re able to track inventory movement using Radio Frequency (RF) barcode scanning technology. Our Info Warehouse Management System software allows us to track inventory from receipt to shipment in real-time.

EDI and data integration

We have breadth and depth of experience in traditional Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as well as non-traditional data exchange. Utilizing tools such as Boomi software, we can rapidly develop EDI in traditional X12, VICS formats up to and including version 5010. We can also accept or send non-traditional EDI formats, files, databases, and reports. SCC uses instant messaging and alerting to monitor and address any processing flow or data quality issues that arise.


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